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Side Effects of the COVID-19 Vaccines

A vaccine can strengthen your immune system and protect against deadly diseases, like the coronavirus. The Covid-19 vaccine can help stop the spread of the virus and protect at-risk groups from worsening health conditions and death. It’s better to know what to expect after you’ve gotten the vaccine before registering for it; this way, you’ve be better prepared for what’s to come. Here we discuss how the vaccine works and some of the side effects which are common to have after you’ve received it:

How does it work?

To put it simply, a vaccine exposes your immune system to a small quantity of the virus, so your white blood cells are able to produce the right antibodies to fight it off. Antibodies are specifically made to combat a particular type of virus. Once your body is able to produce these antibodies, it ‘remembers’ them and can produce them more efficiently and quickly in case you are exposed to the virus.

The Covid-19 vaccines do not contain the live coronavirus, so you can’t contract the virus through the vaccine. It takes the body a couple of weeks to develop proper immunity against the virus, so you need to be patient with the results.

Common Symptoms

After receiving the Covid-19 vaccine, you are likely to experience a mild fever, as your immune system is being trained and raises the body’s temperature. You would also experience muscle aches along with the fever, which is normal, as it indicates that the body is responding to the vaccine. You may even experience chills and diarrhea for a few days after getting the vaccine, but these conditions should clear away on their own. You would also experience some pain on the injection site for some time after receiving the vaccine, so apply less pressure to that area.

Rare Symptoms

In a few rare cases, patients have developed allergic reactions to the vaccine or have developed blood clots. These are infrequent instances and do not necessarily mean that you or your loved ones would have them too. It is important to keep in mind that everyone’s body responds differently to the vaccine. Even if you don’t experience any common side effects, it doesn’t mean that your body isn’t responding to the vaccine.

Side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine also depend on the type of vaccine you’re getting. You need to take the vaccine in proper dosages for it to be effective in the long run. If two doses are required separately over time, then make sure you receive both of them.

Currently, medical facilities require approval from an authorized physician in order to qualify for the Covid-19 vaccine. At Good Hearts Testing, we can help you with that! We provide at-home covid testing, antigen testing, and PCR testing. We also offer drive-thru covid testing options for increased safety and convenience.

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