A Return to Travel: PCR Testing and Air Travel

A Return to Travel: PCR Testing and Air Travel

Travelling is one activity which can increase your risk of getting covid-19. You are in close contact with others at the airport and on the flight where social distancing isn’t realistically possible. To make traveling safer for you and others, here are some things you can do to be safe and responsible:

Before the Flight

Every type of airline and country has its own set of regulations which you need to follow while traveling. Some countries now require a negative covid test as a necessary travel document that you need to bring along. Before your flight, read up on the regulations of the country you’re traveling to and the airline you’ll be using. Most airlines also require a PCR test— a diagnostic test that uses a nasal swab sample to check if you have a live infection currently.

Getting Tested for Infection

Even if you’re not legally required to get tested, it’s responsible if you do. Make sure to get tested for a live viral infection for covid 1-2 days before your flight. If you test positive, avoid traveling as you’ll most likely be transmitting the virus to others you come in contact with. You should then move to social isolation to protect those around you.

If you’ve tested negative, you can be cleared for travel, but you’ll still need to follow the SOPs: sanitize your hands, practice social distancing and wear a mask at all times. Remember that testing negative doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have covid, as it might take around 10 days for symptoms to show.

After the Flight

After you’ve reached your destination, you must take the viral test gain within 3-5 days. You should also self-quarantine for up to a week after the test. If you’re unable to take the viral test, you should then self-isolate for around 10 days. Symptoms for covid can take up to two weeks to show, so you should get tested again to confirm if you start experiencing them. Ideally, you should also be avoiding contact with at-risk groups for up to two weeks after your arrival.

Ensuring that you are cautious and following safety measures before, during, and after your flight can help minimize the spread of the virus and protect those you come in contact with against the disease.

If you’re planning to travel and require a travel certificate immediately, the Good Hearts Testing can help! We provide last-minute travel certificates for those who’re short on time. We provide at-home covid testing services and drive-thru covid testing options for increased safety and convenience. You can also get same-day result from our PCR drive-thru testing!

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