Decoding the Antibody Test Results

Decoding the Antibody Test Results


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Decoding the Antibody Test Results

The Covid antibody test has become just as popular as the Covid test. But, how do these two tests differ? You must know the difference and the circumstances in which you should take each. Here we explore what the antibody test for Covid is and what its results mean:

    Antibody Vs. Covid Test

    A Covid test indicates whether you currently have a Covid infection whereas, an antibody test checks for the presence of antibodies. Antibodies are protective proteins that are produced by the body’s white blood cells to combat infections. If you do have the antibodies for a virus, it’s a tell-tale sign that you might have contracted the virus some time ago.

    You shouldn’t use the antibody test as a replacement for the covid test, as this test only checks for the presence of antibodies and not a current viral infection.

    What Does a Positive Result Mean?

    A positive result on the antibody test means that you’d contracted Covid or any other virus from the family of coronavirus in the past, which is why you have the antibodies. However, if you’ve had or currently have the SARS-CoV-2, then an antibody test result won’t identify its antibodies. A positive test result could also mean that you were asymptomatic to Covid, which means that you had the infection, but the symptoms didn’t show.

    What Does a Negative Result Mean?

    A negative result on the antibody test could mean that you haven’t contracted Covid or any other type of coronavirus yet. It could also mean that you currently have an infection, but since it takes the body around 2-3 weeks to produce the antibodies, the test would give negative results at the moment.

    Importance of Getting the Covid-19 Vaccine

    If you’ve tested positive for the antibody tests, you might think that you’re immune to the virus. This is a false belief as researchers have said that the antibodies produced are not guaranteed to give a long-term or sufficient immunity. In order to be adequately protected, you must get the Covid vaccine.

    You should consult your local health experts or facilities to learn more about which test you should take. They will be able to guide you based on your current health conditions. If you do have most of the symptoms of Covid, then take a Covid test as soon as possible.

    Research has stated that you’re more likely to contract Covid at an enclosed space, such as a hospital or a clinic. This is why we at Good Hearts Testing offer drive-thru covid testing options for increased safety. We also provide at-home covid testing along with antibody testing and PCR testing for people living in Miami and Los Angeles.

    With Good Hearts Testing, you can expect to get quick and accurate covid test results, as we’ve partnered with notable laboratories and use the testing methodology approved by WHO. You can get your results back within 24 to 72 hours. Book your appointment online and take your choice of tests at your convenience!

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