3 Myths About COVID-19 Vaccines Explained

3 Myths About COVID-19 Vaccines Explained

It’s been more than a year since the COVID-19 pandemic surfaced, and 2021 brought a glimmer of hope in the form of COVID-19 vaccines. However, there has been a lot of misinformation, myths, and rumors regarding the vaccine, downplaying its effectiveness. Let’s debunk these myths.

Myth #1: The Vaccine Contains a Virus That Makes People Sick

You may experience mild side effects like fatigue, headache, chills, or arm soreness after getting vaccinated. But these aren’t symptoms of you getting sick; these side effects are a sign that your body’s immune system is responding to the vaccine. Some people experience no side effects after getting the COVID-19 vaccines.

Let’s put the vaccine’s function into perspective. The first two doses of the two-dose vaccine will accustom your immune system to detect the virus and create antibodies to establish resistance against it.

It’s important to mention here that you may get infected if you’re exposed to the virus before the vaccine has developed immunity in your body.

Myth #2: I’ve Got COVID-19, So I Don’t Need to Get Vaccinated

Our bodies produce antibodies against the virus within fourteen days of exposure. Unfortunately, the doctors don’t know for how long this immunity lasts. What they do know is that your immunity doesn’t last forever. Therefore, if you’ve tested positive for COVID-19 before, it’s best to get vaccinated so that your body can build a stronger immunity and reduce the chances of getting reinfected.

Reinfection is rare, but it can happen, especially after 4 months from the first time you got infected. That’s why you must get vaccinated even if you have recovered from COVID-19.

Myth #3: People Are Dying After Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine

Some people may develop mild COVID-19 symptoms-like side effects after getting the vaccine. These side effects are common and are usually temporary. According to the CDC, out of millions of people, only two to five people may experience extreme allergic reactions to the vaccine, but the CDC has not reported any case of death because of the vaccine yet.

Many people say that coronavirus’s mortality rate is as low as 2%. Therefore, people shouldn’t get vaccinated due to a high survival rate. What they don’t realize is that this low mortality rate is more lethal than the common flu.

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