An Analysis of Different Types of COVID-19 Cases

An Analysis of Different Types of COVID-19 Cases

COVID-19 can show mild to intense symptoms. Here are three different types of COVID-19 cases.

Mild case

Mild coronavirus symptoms include mild nasal congestion, sore throat, faint muscle ache, low-grade fever, and a slight cough. After you’ve been exposed to the virus for two or more days, you may also experience chills, headache, and shortness of breath.

If you’ve lost your sense of taste or smell, it may be a good sign that you have contracted the coronavirus, and it’s not the common cold. This loss of taste and smell can come very abruptly.

Young individuals who don’t have any underlying health conditions tend to feel sick for a few days before they start to feel better. Even if they feel better and don’t have severe symptoms, doctors recommend that they stay isolated for at least two weeks from the time they developed the symptoms.

Mild caseMild to Moderate Case

Mild to moderate cases may experience fever and respiratory problems. Patients with mild to moderate symptoms get nighttime sweats, fever, and an unsettling dry cough. They can also feel pressure in their chest and shortness of breath. It makes them feel very weak, and a task as small as getting a glass of water may require them to put in a lot of effort.  It can take longer for such cases to fully recover. People can feel sick for several weeks before they can regain their stamina and strength.

A critical time for COVID-19 patients is the period between day six and ten. During this time, they either start to feel better or continue to feel terrible with regards to their symptoms. The first ten days can predict the kind of a turn the virus will take. The virus can cause inflammation in your lungs, liver, and kidneys.

Moderate to Severe Case

The main reason why COVID-19 patients end up in the hospital is due to respiratory issues and low levels of oxygen. However, low levels of oxygen saturation don’t mean that you’re severely ill. Some patients don’t go to the ICU or need ventilators, while others do.

Those who have underlying health conditions such as diabetes, cancer, lung or heart disease, or obesity are at greater risk of developing severe symptoms.

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