Is It COVID-19 Or The Regular Flu?

Is It COVID-19 Or The Regular Flu?

Many symptoms of Covid-19 are similar to that of the flu, which makes it more difficult to diagnose if a person has Covid. It’s essential to take safety precautions as soon as you develop common symptoms to decrease the risk of spreading the virus to those around you. Here we explore how these two differ and what you should do in case you have them:

Regular Flu Symptoms

The standards symptoms of the regular flu are fever, headache, runny nose, and dry throat. You may not lose your sense of smell or taste if you have the common flu, although they may be impacted for a bit. The regular flu usually gets better in a few days; if you have the regular flu, you should rest up and drink lots of fluids.

Covid-19 Symptoms

If you have Covid-19, you may develop flu-like symptoms such as headaches, body aches, and fatigue. Covid-19 is different from regular flu as it has an effect on the neurological system, which causes you to lose your sense of taste and smell. The respiratory problems caused by Covid are also more prominent, and the patient would have breathing troubles. In some cases, a person would be asymptomatic; they won’t show signs of any symptoms while having the infection. Hence, you need to be extra careful during these uncertain times.

Stay Safe; Get Tested Today

People who have respiratory issues may experience more severe symptoms that may worsen over time. This is why the elderly and people with respiratory problems are advised to be more cautious during the pandemic. Covid-19 symptoms tend to worsen over time in severe cases and are difficult to cater to later on. Early detection of Covid can help save lives.

Only a Covid test can confirm if you currently have Covid-19 or not. Since it is difficult to tell apart the regular flu from Covid-19 without a Covid test, you should still treat your condition as if you have Covid-19, as advised by health officials. Avoid going out, wear a mask, and sanitize common spaces as frequently as possible. Self-isolation can also protect those living with you in case you do have Covid.

If you think you have Covid-19 but are afraid to go out in public and want to limit your contact with others, you can get tested at home with our help! At Good Hearts Testing, we also offer drive-thru covid testing options for increased safety and convenience. We also provide antibody testing and PCR testing for people living in Miami and Los Angeles.

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