Navigating COVID-19 SOPs at Workplace

Navigating COVID-19 SOPs at Workplace

While work from home has been fairly prevalent during the pandemic, every business cannot afford to operate remotely. Because of this, most workplaces are now open and running on a daily basis. For this purpose, many SOPs, rules, and regulations have been set up for the safety of the people. Here’s how businesses are tackling the challenges during COVID-19:

Risk Assessment and Response Plan

One of the first things to do is to perform a complete assessment of the working environment, focusing on the various risks involving COVID-19. You will require the latest information from authorities such as the CDC to plan out these strategies. Focus on operating with a reduced workforce for all essential operations, especially those that require on-site operations.

Developing a detailed response plan to minimize threat and exposure based on the risk of jobs and any non-occupational exposure that could take place.

Implement Basic Infection Prevention Measures at Workplaces

It’s crucial to have special meetings and briefings with all employees, instructing them on how to prevent infection within the working environment. Frequent hand washing across the various stations needs to be promoted. Workers should avoid using each other’s items, including pens, phones, and desks, to limit chances of cross-contamination.

Tissues and trashcans should readily be available. The workplace should regularly be cleaned and disinfected; specially high traffic areas should be disinfected regularly.

Identification and Isolation of Infected

All of your employees should be regularly monitored and tested. No one should be allowed on the working premises without a face mask. In case any employees show signs and symptoms of infection, there should be a procedure on how to isolate them from the rest of the workforce.

In case an employee begins to feel unwell or experience any symptoms, they should immediately inform their supervisor to alert the chain of command.

Organizing Meetings

As beneficial as teleconferences and online meetings can be, many meetings must be conducted in person. For such events, try to limit the number of attendees. There should be masks and alcohol-based hand sanitizers readily available, and attendees should be encouraged to keep their hands clean at all times. Social distancing must be followed, with each attendant sitting 1 meter apart from the other.

The area should be well ventilated, with open windows and doors to allow fresh air inside the meeting area.

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