Swab & Go: Drive Thru COVID-19 Testing the US

Swab & Go: Drive Thru COVID-19 Testing the US

At a drive-thruCOVID testing facility, passengers and drivers can get tested without getting out of their vehicles. This innovative testing procedure has helped communities curb the spread of virus that might occur at a walk-in testing facility.

Drive-thru is fast, convenient, and as reliable as walk-in and at-home tests. It has also proven successful in meeting the high testing demand. A large number of people can be tested quickly without worrying about SOP violation or virus transmission.

HOWEVER, the COVID-19 test conductors are required to wear proper PPE, masks, face shields, and gloves as they have to collect nasal or oral samples. COVID drive-thru testing has undeniably helped the government improve surveillance and reduce the burden on emergency rooms.

Here’s a complete rundown of what happens at a COVID drive-thru testing facility and how to go about your upcoming visit.

Arrival at a Drive-Thru COVID Testing Center

COVID-19 testing practices ramped up as the pandemic raged through Miami. People were encouraged to stay home but get immediately tested upon experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms.

In an effort to increase the testing capacity, many state and private medical organizations started setting up drive-thru testing facilities. Several private labs played an important role in providing adequate testing resources such as PPE, testing kits, and sample storage units.

When a car passenger arrives at a COVID drive-thru testing center, they’re guided by road signs. This keeps the vehicle queue in order and maintains discipline. A series of cones are set up guiding the cars toward the testing booth. You’re advised to keep your windows rolled up and wear masks at all times.


Screening Point


There might be more than one screening points at a drive-thru testing center. The first one is usually set up to conduct a thorough screening process. Prior to screening, you’re asked to show your appointment receipt and doctor’s confirmation. Moving further, you’ll have to show your ID photo and insurance card as well. This completed the screening procedure.

Getting Tested


The last part is to get tested. Testing is usually done at a separate booth where a lab technician awaits your arrival. He’ll ask you to roll down the window just a little bit. You would have to tilt your head back, and the lab worker will insert a swab inside your nose. Once they’re done taking samples, you can roll up the window and drive off.

The collected samples are stored in well sterilized and temperature-controlled container. They’re sent to the lab for detection of possible COVID-19 viral RNA.

Drive thru COVID testing first emerged in Korea where mass testing was implemented as a primary strategy to check the transmission rate. The idea was to promote testing for fast and effective prevention of the pandemic. Over time, the American Government also adopted the strategy and it has now become one of the easiest COVID testing practice.

Avail Drive-Thru COVID Testing Services in Miami

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