COVID-19 Tests: Busting the Top 4 Myths

COVID-19 Tests: Busting the Top 4 Myths

As with any pandemic, COVID-19 has had its fair share of hoaxes and myths. This has spread a lot of misinformation and paranoia among the general public. With regards to testing, there are many statements being thrown around which are simply not true.

Here’s all that you need to know about the myths around COVID-19 testing and the truth behind it all.

The Test is Painful

Getting a cotton bud swabbed around your nose or throat might not be the most fun experience, but by no means is it painful. You might cough or feel ticklish around your throat or have the urge to sneeze if your nose is being swabbed for a sample. In any case, it’s completely normal to feel this way.

The PCR or swab test is generally less than a minute long, depending on how cooperative you are. Even the antibody test, where blood is drawn from the body, doesn’t hurt a lot or take much time.

The Tests Are Completely Accurate

The simple reality is that no test will be completely accurate all the time, with human error being the major contributor to why tests fail or not work out properly as imagined. A common issue that’s observed in the PCR test is people test for the virus later on when the infection has already developed.

Swab tests can only find the virus and detect them in the earlier phases of infection, which means you should get tested as soon as you develop all the major symptoms.

Testing Is Only for Healthcare Workers

By no means is testing limited to a specific group of people, with even children being legible to get tested. Anyone suffering from the major symptoms of COVID-19 is recommended to get tested immediately. Whether you’re down with fever, have caught a cough, or you have experienced a change or loss in taste and smell, we recommend that you schedule a Covid-19 test right away.

It’s also recommended that you begin to isolate yourself if you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above.

Getting Tested Requires Extensive Traveling

One of the biggest misconceptions around Covid -19 testing is that it isn’t readily available. The reality is that most medical facilities, laboratories, and major public places are providing COVID-19 testing. In fact, you can even get in touch with various testing facilities to book a session for easy and reliable testing. These include corporate group testing, production testing, and at home testing.

Rather than you having to travel for a Covid-19 tests, most testing companies will offer to set up their own Covid-19 testing facilities at your premises.

If you’re looking for a fast COVID testing setup in Miami, you can find the services at Good Hearts Testing. We provide antigen, PCR, or antibody testing for COVID-19. Our services also cater to different industries, providing at home COVID tests, group testing, production testing and in-studio testing.

Acquire a quick, reliable, and easy COVID testing solution for yourself, your loved ones, and employees with us right away. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services.

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