Group Testing As a Strategy to Flatten the Curve

Group Testing As a Strategy to Flatten the Curve

Group COVID-19 testing can help screen and curb rapid transmission of the novel coronavirus. From schools, hospitals, and factories to corporate workplaces and production houses, you can get group testing services in Miami.

group COVID-19 test consists of several people pooling samples for a same day or next day RT-PCR test. If no person in the group is infected, the result comes out negative.

However, even if one person is COVID-19 positive, the entire result will be positive.

Group testing is an excellent way to curb the virus spread at workplaces. It helps organizations save time and money. By opting for an optimized group testing service in Miami, you can:

  • Estimate the prevalence of COVID-19 in your community

  • Encourage negative-tested groups to resume work activities

  • Manage COVID-19 cases proactively

The COVID-19 situation is still quite uncertain. Therefore, group testing has become a vital part of every organization’s COVID response policy.

Let’s find out about some other benefits of group COVID tests.

What is a Real Time RT–PCR?

Group COVID tests have proven successful in curbing the demand-supply gap in COVID testing resources. People have to wait weeks before getting their test results. This ultimately results in frustration and a higher risk of disease transmission.

As workplaces and restaurants reopen, a group testing service can be highly beneficial in tracing, tracking, and isolating COVID-positive people.



Also known as pooled testing, a group COVID testing service uses a single test that’s administered to the entire group of people. Getting each individual tested with a separate testing kit is far more expensive than a group test.

The group testing scheme dates back to 1943. It was first used on WWII soldiers to detect syphilis cases. Today, we see it performing exceptionally well for tracking diseases like the Avian Flu.

The Bottom Line

COVID-19 timely prevention depends on the efficiency of testing services. Conventional testing won’t suffice if the government wants to reopen schools, offices, and mass trade at a global level. The Food and Drug Authority has also stated that using group COVID-19 testing, we can significantly increase mass testing numbers. And this can inversely impact the rate of transmission. Moreover, the time and expense aspects of group COVID tests outweigh it potential drawbacks.

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We also provide drive-thru antibody testing and home antibody testing at affordable rates.

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